Messe  /  April 09, 2024  -  April 11, 2024

DMEA - Europe`s Leading Event for Digital Health

Why do we need a new vision for healthcare in rural areas?

Healthcare in rural areas faces many challenges. Firstly, the average age of the population in rural regions is increasing at a faster rate than in cities, with more difficult access to healthcare services. This leads to new requirements for medical care due to a fundamental shift in disease patterns towards more chronic illnesses and increasing multimorbidity. Secondly, the situation is exacerbated by the existing and growing shortage of skilled professionals. There is a structural problem of insufficient young talent, particularly in the case of general practitioners, who are crucial for rural healthcare. This is further exacerbated by the increasing distances to medical facilities, which can be a significant barrier to adequate healthcare. Long commutes to doctor appointments can be burdensome, especially for regular check-ups for chronic conditions. Therefore, new and innovative concepts for healthcare in rural areas are needed.

What does the Fraunhofer Center for Digital Diagnostics ZDD® show at DMEA?

Our ZDD® projects cover the entire digital diagnostic value chain, from decentralized bioanalytical sample processing to secure data communication and intelligent data interpretation. We will present the progress of our projects KISMADI, Neighborhood Diagnostics, RespiVir and SODIAPH. Come to the ZDD® booth to talk to our experts about solutions related to digital diagnostics.