Fraunhofer Center for Digital Diagnostics decides on first fields of action

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The Fraunhofer Center for Digital Diagnostics sees itself as a driving force for companies in diagnostics, medical technology, digital health and health IT, as well as a partner for healthcare providers active in this field. On the one hand, the focus is on the integration of patient-oriented diagnostics into a digital ecosystem for improved health care in large regions, and on the other hand, the expansion of the benefits of digital health applications through customized diagnostic solutions.


Following an initial analysis and strategy phase, three initial fields of action have now been identified, which the center will address with initial concrete solution approaches.


"Data Acquisition"

This includes application areas such as cell phone apps, wearables, point-of-care diagnostics and home testing. The facilities of the Fraunhofer Center for Digital Diagnostics contribute their expertise in the areas of sensor technology, assay development, chip design and micro-optics, among others.

"Data transmission and storage"

This includes application areas such as electronic health or patient files, secure transmission paths from the place of data collection to the place of processing, e.g. doctors, pharmacies, medical service providers, nursing services and health insurance companies. The participating institutes contribute expertise and technologies in cyber security, communications technology, and database and cloud computing.

"Data Interpretation and Decision Support"

Application areas for data interpretation include interpretative algorithms and digital health applications. The aim is to support providers in their decision-making in the best possible way and to make care processes more efficient. The Fraunhofer institutes contribute expertise in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning methods as well as database and cloud computing technologies.


Within these fields of action, concrete impulses and ideas are now required from the researchers of the participating institutions and their partners. Fraunhofer ZDD, which has its office at Fraunhofer IZI-BB, will support complementary and synergistic projects covering the fields of action after an application and evaluation phase. This initiative is funded by the federal government and the state of Brandenburg.